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My life as a designer started at the early age of 6 when I completed my first sketch. Even thought I pursued other avenues which wasn't related to art, I always knew in my heart that one day I would have the desire again to design. For the past several years, I have been building my dream design company to include graphic design, illustration, painting and web design.  Every now and then I would create a design that I wanted to put on a bag, jacket, shirt or sweater. About five months ago, I started having visions of phrases and designs that I wanted to place on clothing and received some good feedback.

Even though I was so nervous about putting my designs out there with the fear of rejection, I knew it came from the heart. Since I am an introvert, I often suffer from wanting to present my work to world and being scared of rejection if I did. One day I woke up and decided I wanted to purchase the equipment in order be able to produce my own products and to  print my smaller design orders. I did just that and now I am here with my own line of shirts and novelty items branded after my namesake Nicole Danell and my own design & marketing company, Bralon Studio. The name BraLon was created by combining first 3 letters of my 20 year old twins Brazil (girl) and London (boy) name.


Nicole Danell


Nicole Danell

With degrees in Graphic Design, Web Design and New Media – founder Nicole Danell Williamson graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has one class to complete before receiving her MFA in Web Design & New Media.  She has had several different jobs along her path to entrepreneurship.

The Artist

 She began working at the age of 16 and has been an artist since the early age of 6.  A Brooklyn, New York native that relocated to South Carolina, then back to Brooklyn, New York then to Jamaica, Queens.  She has lived in five other states within the United States in her 42 years of life and she currently resides in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The Mother

She's a mother of 20-year old twins, Brazil and London, who are currently working and attending college.  London is also an artist and sometimes offers his design skills for some of the t-shirts and tops that you see on the site.  Her designs displays her intrinsic flare for design, illustration, and colorful urban culture.

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